Sightseeing - From the brilliant lights of Vegas to the red sandstone Canyons of Utah, seaside towns of the Pacific to the magnificent wonders of Arizonaís Grand Canyon.
Running ~ Cycling ~ Mountain Biking - Wide open horizons on solitary roads over high mountain passes or endless lengths of dirt trails and twisting-turning single track crossing boundless miles of desert beauty.
Wheeling - Back road access on dirt roads seldom traveled will take you to numerous parks and forests, deserted ghost towns or Indian ruins.
Hiking ~ Camping Day hikes over coastal cliffs and sandy beaches, desert hot springs, mountain trails or wilderness backpacking in the Sierra Mountains.
Kayaking ~ Sailing ~ Rafting Navigate Idaho rapids or the mighty Colorado River; rough camp from cove to cove on pristine lakes and waterways.
Motorcycling Hundreds of miles along spacious desert highways, sweeping curves hugging raging rivers or tight and twisty mountain roads.
Rock Climbing ~ Canyoneering Crack climbing, Trad and Bouldering or Slot Canyon repelling, potholes and down climbs. The Wild West offers the best in granite, limestone or sandstone.

Wild beaches on the California Coast are rare but do exist. We met 8 other people in 3 hrs of beach combing and bird watching. Countless treasure were found just laying in the sand.

Colorados ridgeline trails with expansive views, envite
the trail runner to slow down and enjoy the scenery
and stumble across the occasional marmot.

One of our favorite places of rest is Madrona Manor in Northern California. Its quiet Victorian splendor with gourmet food and drink is the perfect end to any number of great marathons or half marathons in the region. Road cycling is another favored activity in the wine country, which of course requires a restful night.


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